Home Made Skin Tag Removal - 5 Methods For Natural Skin Tag Removal At Home

Published: 05th July 2010
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Home Made Skin Tag Removal - 5 Tips For Home Skin Tags Removal

Do you have problems with skin tags and don't know what to do? Skin tags are actually harmless but can be irritating. Although, skin tags that appear in view can also look a little ugly for those that suffer from them. These are small spots that are hanging from the skin. On top of this, they can also differ in siz and shape. Although skin tags are relatively harmless, if they are in a position on the body where they rub and are constantly scratched, they can develop more. There are also instances where large skin tags can grow in the skin and may burst under pressure. Skin tags are hereditary. It is not entirely known why they grow, as they can be common on overweight people, but again in a lot of cases they appear without knowing why. They can also appear throughout puberty aas a teen and during pregnancies. Even so, skin tags are not dangerous; some people find ways to remove them because these spots are simply irritating. You don't want to be talking to new friends or people, and find there eyes wondering to that skin tag hanging off your neck instead of listening to you. This can be terrifying and humiliating if not resolved properly.

This can be taken care of though with the aid of home made skin tag removal. There are indeed many options available to you without having to spend money on skin specialists and doctors in removing your skin tags. In actual fact, to remove those hanging pieces of skin, home made skin tag removal is your best option that is both simple and cost effective. In fact, doing this yourself naturally can give better results, such as scar free removal and preventing potential skin problems in the future. So, let's take a look at the options we have:

Homemade Skin Tag Removal treatment options:

• The most commonly used method for removing skin problems like skin tags is the application of apple cider vinegar. Place a decent amount of vinegar to the affected area. Rub it around the skin tag areas and apply regularly. This is to be carried on for around 3 weeks continuously to give yourself the best chance of removal.

• Mixing baking soda and castor oil is another remedy for curing skin tags. Mix them together into a thick paste, this way it can be applied to the skin tag easily. Once you have applied the paste, make sure you avoid touching or playing with the skin tag. This prevents you from accidently removing the remedy.

3. For the third option we have the dental floss remedy. This remedy requires you to tie the dental floss around the base of the skin tag, tight enough to be left a few days without falling off. After a couple of days, in a lot of cases you will notice the skin tag starting to dissapear, and it is possible that in some cases it simply falls off. Of course, this depends on the size!

d. For the fourth remedy, fingernail polish can also be used to aid in the home removal of skin tags. This should be applied to the affected area around 3 times a day. The fingernail polish actually works in drying out the skin tag, and the skin tag can be safely removed after a few weeks.

5. For the fifth and final tip today, vaseline can be used to cut off the air flow to the skin tag. Suffocating the skin tag can result in the removal of the skin tag.

If you want to remove your skin tags without consulting a specialist, then it is possible and safe to do so at home using home removal remedies. With the application of homemade skin tag removal, you can naturally and safely remove skin tags without harming your skin.

However, removal of skin tags at home can largely depend on the size and shape of them, and not every remedy option above will work for everyone.

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